pg Day Israel

March 19, 2018

Join the growing PostgreSQL Community!

For the second time in Israel PostgreSQL enthusiast from all over the world join together to share their knowledge and experience with existing and/or potential developers and users of PostgreSQL

pgDay Israel is a non-profit event hosted and run by the PostgreSQL Israel Community

This event is part of the effort to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate resources to further PostgreSQL adoption

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pgDay Israel 2018 will be held at Building 6 Auditorium of Holon Institute of Technology

Address: 52 Golomb Street, Holon

The event venue is organized by Geo-Tech Lab of HIT lead by Mr. Mark Israel, Director of GIS Lab

pgDay Israel 2018 Program


Gathering and Networking


Welcome Notes

Michael Goldberg, Emil Shkolnik, PostgreSQL Israel Community


HIT President Greetings

Prof. Eduard Yakubov, Holon Institute of Technology


Migrating from oracle to postgresql using Open Source tools

Mariel Cherkasski, Bezeq International


Professional PostgreSQL monitoring made easy with pgwatch2

Kaarel Moppel, Cybertec


PEM as Monitor and Management for PostgreSQL

Sagi Shivatski, HPE


Coffee break


Session A

A Tale of Two Plugins, OR, Open Source for Fun and Profit

Aharon Robbins, McAfee


Session B

Taking care of the elephant

Michael Meskes, Credativ


Session A

PostgreSQL High Availability Cluster for Enterprise

Sergey Kim, Vadim Yatsenko, Ingram Micro Cloud


Session B

How to train your Greenplum

Dmitriy Pavlov, Arenadata


NoSQL Postgres Roadmap

Oleg Bartunov, Postgres Professional


Event closure


Tutorial: Using JSON in PostgreSQL application programming

Ivan Panchenko, Postgres Professional

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Our special guests and speakers:

Aharon Robbins - a professional software engineer and technical author. He has been developing software for over 30 years, primarily in the Unix / Linux world, in C and C++. He is currently looking for new employment opportunities. He is the author or co-author of numerous Unix- and Linux-related books from O'Reilly Media and Prentice Hall. Aharon is also the long time maintainer of GNU Awk (gawk) and its documentation. He enjoys spending time with his family in his off-time. He is also an amateur talmudist who enjoys learning both Talmud Bavli and Talmud Yerushalmi.

Dmitriy Pavlov - he started as an operations engineer of GPU supercomputer in 2009, he worked in data analysis and devops spheres, until in 2013 started to explore the world of DWH. For the next four years was head of administration of one of the most technologically advanced Fintech Data Warehouses (DWH) in Russia. Now all the experience that he collected before helps him to build flexible and effective open-source scale-out data solutions for customers.

Ivan Panchenko - Co-Founder and Deputy CEO at Postgres Professional - PostgreSQL vendor in Russia. Since 1996 Ivan works on developing high performance business applications, started using PostgreSQL in 1998. Previously worked as Head of Content Projects development in Rambler Internet Holding, Development Director in Stack Group, Director of Technology in the Moy Mir social network (one of Mail.Ru projects).

Kaarel Moppel - has been interested with databases for the last 11 years, working last 7 years exclusively with PostgreSQL and currently doing PostgreSQL consulting at Cybertec. Over the years he has gathered quite some experience working with Postgres-heavy environments (Zalando, BMW) and enjoys talking about his learnings and experiences to give back something to the community. On spare time he enjoys playing soccer and travelling.

Mariel Cherkassky - he joined the IDF in Dec 2013 and served in the software unit of the IAF(Ofek) as a system linux engineer and oracle dba. He finished military service on Feb 2017 and started working immediatly as an oracle dba in Bezeq International. As a part of his job in BezeqInt he started learning PostgreSQL and became a PostgreSQL DBA. Today he's still working in BezeqInt as an Oracle & PostgreSQL DBA and learning computer science at the college of management. In his free time he writes a blog on postgresql for beginers - and loves to play basketball

Michael Meskes - President and CEO of the credativ Group, an industry leader in free software services with offices in six countries. Its Open Source Support Centers employ leading members of a number of Open- Source projects. He has been Open-Source developer for almost twenty-five years working on different Open-Source projects among which Debian and PostgreSQL are most widely known. He also has done a lot of Open-Source related presentations on all sorts of events doing a lot of Open-Source evangelism.

Oleg Bartunov - research scientist in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, PostgreSQL Major Contributor, Co-founder and CEO of Postgres Professional company. Oleg uses Postgres since 1995 and involved in PostgreSQL development since 1996 (introduced a locale support). He has been involved in developing of extensibility infrastructure of PostgreSQL, GiST, GIN and SP-GiST templates for user-defined access methods, built-in full-text search facilities and extensions: intarray, ltree, hstore, pg_trgm. His latest contribution: jsonb and RUM access method. Currently, he works on implementation of SQL/JSON standard for PostgreSQL. His main interests are Information Retrieval, Databases Extensibility, Algorithms and Data Structures, Service-Oriented Architecture for Science and XLDB for Science.

Sergey Kim - Software Architect with many years experience in Java based technology stack. Primarily his interests cover highly available services, databases and AWS. Also he is very interested in microservices architecture. When he introduces his career background he mentions that he is a software engineer, and this is what he likes to do. Software development to him is like the sky for a pilot, thus the work in IT to him is like a hobby. Everytime he is open for questions and any directions on his life path. His family strongly supports him on all my ways, and they go together.

Sagi Shivatski - EDB Postgres Data Platform Solution Architect at HPE. Sagi is a Data Architect with vast experience as an Oracle and EDB/ Postgres Master DBA. Sagi is a results oriented and hands as a master DBA with great experience as instructor. Sagi has a wide technology expertise in the IT industry in various roles. Prior to HPE Sagie was a Big Data DBA at Playtika, and prior to that he served as a DBA at Veracity.

Vadim Yatsenko - VLDB Architect at Ingram Micro Cloud and CTO at Postgres Miktzoanim. Vadim's major specialization - high load projects design and development, using PostgreSQL as a main database. Also Vadim is a geoinformation systems specialist. He actively participates in PostgreSQL Community in Israel. Vadim started using PostgreSQL in 2008.

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2nd Annual PostgreSQL Conference

19 March, 2018, Tel Aviv Israel

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