PGDay Israel 2023

7th Annual PostgreSQL Conference in Israel

Due to the current situation in Israel we had to postpone the conference

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PGDay Israel is a yearly non-profit event hosted and run by the PostgreSQL Israeli Community
This event is part of the efforts to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate resources to further PostgreSQL adoption
PGDay Israel 2023 is recognized under the PostgreSQL Global community event guidelines and is directly helping the PostgreSQL community

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PGDay Israel 2023 Program

Get together and morning coffee
Welcome Notes
Michael Goldberg, PostgreSQL Project Code of Conduct Committee Chair, PostgreSQL Israel Community
KEYNOTE Postgres 16 Features
Bruce Momjian, Co-founder and Core Team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, Enterprise DB
Review of some historical vulnerabilities
Andrey Borodin, PostgreSQL Contributor, Yandex
PARTNER AlloyDB: Supercharging PostgreSQL with Google Cloud Innovations
Moshe Youdkovich, Google Cloud
Refreshment break
Postgres vs. Linux filesystems
Tomas Vondra, PostgreSQL Major Contributor and Committer, Enterprise DB
Patroni 3.0: What's New and Future Plans
Alexander Kukushkin, Microsoft
Sensitive data searching and anonymization tool for PostgreSQL
Vadim Yatsenko, Tantor Labs
Lunch break
Schemaless design to achieve flexible data model and cost reduction
Alon Spiegel, Brillix
Change Data Capture (CDC) pipeline with PostgreSQL, Debezium, and
Yaniv Ben-Hemo, Memphis
PARTNER Sponsors talk
Refreshment break
Diving into the most common performance problems in PostgreSQL and how to fix them
Divya Sharma, AWS
Query plan freezing extension: design, issues and lessons learned
Andrey Lepikhov, Postgres Professional
Event closure
Photo, video, beers, and other activities
Changes could be applied to the event program

Our Special Guests and Speakers

Bruce Momjian
Bruce Momjian
Bruce is Co-founder and Core Team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996. He has been employed by EDB since 2006. He has spoken at many international open-source conferences and is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley.
Andrey Borodin
Andrey Borodin
Andrey is an engineer, RDBMS development team lead at Yandex, Ph. D. He has been researching data indexing since 2008. He teaches at the Ural Federal University and Yandex School for Data Analysis.
Tomas Vondra
Tomas Vondra
Tomas is a long-term member of the community, contributor and committer. He works for EDB, focuses mainly on improvements related to performance, query planinng, indexing, benchmarking and so on.
Vadim Yatsenko
Vadim Yatsenko
Vadim is VLDB Architect, Co-Founder and CEO at Tantor Labs. Vadim's major specialization - high load projects design and development, using PostgreSQL as a main database. Vadim is Co-organizer of initiative. He actively participates in PostgreSQL Community in Israel. Vadim started using PostgreSQL in 2008.
Umair Shahid
Alexander Kukushkin
During his professional career, Alexander touched PostgreSQL from all possible sides: as a Web Developer, as System Administrator, and as a Database Engineer now. Since 2015 he has been working on the Patroni project and achieved quite a big success with it. Besides that, Alexander periodically reports bugs and contributes patches to PostgreSQL and some other open-source projects (usually Postgres related).
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma
Divya is a Sr. RDS PostgreSQL SA, working with AWS for over 6 years now. She has helped several customers migrate to AWS RDS PostgreSQL and Aurora PostgreSQL from commercial database engines. Her day to day role also involves helping customers optimize their PostgreSQL workloads for better performance.
Yaniv Ben-Hemo
Yaniv Ben-Hemo
Yaniv is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a real-time data streaming platform. His journey into software engineering began at the age of ten, igniting a lifelong passion for coding. In the last couple of years Yaniv's enthusiasm for data engineering fuels his constant search for new technologies, and drives to redefine real-time application development.
Alon Spiegel
Alon Spiegel
Alon has begun his career as a software engineer at Mamram (programmers trek). He started his DBA journey in 1996 while serving as a software engineer and a team leader. During his studies he worked as a DBA consultant for a company called Xpert (later acquired by One1). In 2007 he Co. founded Brillix, a professional services company, specializing in data management systems (DMS), Identity Management, and cloud/dev OPS. Alon is leading the DMS department and is fluent in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, MongoDB and Redis and more.
Andrei Lepikhov
Andrei Lepikhov
Andrei is the lead developer of Postgres Professional. Since 2004 he has been working on database systems. Working with PostgreSQL since 2017, He participated in a bunch of projects: Multimaster, Shardman, AQO, sr_plan, etc. The main area of interest is auto-tuning methods on queries and a whole database instance.

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We would like to invite Enterprises who are using PostgreSQL or have support and services around PostgreSQL to support us in this initiative. They can support us by being sponsors for the conference.
We have two levels of sponsorship opportunities available: Partner and Supporter.
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The fund raised for PGDay Israel 2023 goes directly to expenses of the conference.
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Event Organization

PGDay Israel is organised by PostgreSQL Israel Community and follows the PostgreSQL community event guidelines.
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